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Easy to read monthly reports of your income and expense will be sent to you every month! 


We use multiple marketing strategies to ensure that your property gets seen not only on our page but all over!!


We have properties all over the St. Louis area and surrounding areas. Inculding Jefferson county.


Tenants will have 24 hour access to our maintenance line. We will make sure that your property and tenants are taken care of in a timely manner. 


"Got Properties has been a Godsend! 

I own several properties and have had my fair share of managers that were either shady or incompetent. With Got Properties, I have found them to be very competent and operate with integrity.  I know that  the owner runs a tight ship and they do everything by the book.  I finally have a property manager I trust.   With Got Properties, I always get a response when I have questions, whether it be by email or a returned phone call. That level of communication is so appreciated!  When a house is ready for rent, they advertise it right away rather than sit on it.  I have found that with anything that is needed that we discuss, they follow through with it, whether it's sending out a letter to a tenant, or calling a social worker, or working up figures.  They've been very accomodating when my circumstances needed it.  I also have found their financial statements to be easy to understand and I can rely on them to be accurate and not ridden with mistakes as my past experience has been with other management "


- Kymberly R.- Georgia

When I finally found Got Properties, I was desperate. I had had a corrupt manager for years who cost me tens of thousands of dollars and wreaked havoc on my properties, the extent of which I didn't even appreciate until it was over. I had the hardest time finding someone who seemed any better, though, and being an out-of-state investor, I felt very vulnerable and disadvantaged. It felt like a miracle when I found Got Properties. When Chrisy took me on as a client, she knew the antics of my previous manager, and she was like my white knight!  She has been so compassionate and understanding of the mess I brought her and the wreck I was, and she has been been ever so helpful and supportive ever since.


My Saint Louis rental properties used to take up every spare minute of my time on a daily basis (dealing with the unending crises and conversations with the previous manager) and all my spare brain cells. This was the number one point of stress in my life, even as I was trying to raise young children and run my own business at home. Since having my properties with Got Properties, however, I almost forget I even have them! I get a very professional statement once a month giving me the income and expenses of the past month, and other than that, I hardly have to deal with anything!  And for the first time since purchasing these properties, I'm not hemorrhaging money (or personal energy!) to STL every month!! 


The staff at Got Properties is exceptionally efficient, professional, and helpful. They take care of almost everything, so that I don't have to, and when I have questions, they are good at answering and following up. When I've had major repairs to do, they got me multiple bids until we got the right price/quality mix, and they send me extensive photos of the work completed so that I have proof of what was done and where my money went.


My experience in dealing with rentals in STL has been that bad managers are the norm out there. For an out-of-state investor, it can feel like you're at the mercy of a bunch of Wild West mercenaries. But Got Properties are an island of sanity, fairness, honesty and professionalism in all that. I'm SO GRATEFUL to have found Got Properties and finally have some peace of mind with my STL rentals.

- Anita G.- New York

I'm so blessed to have Got  Properties as my Property Management company. Living in Hawaii but owning properties on the mainland has been stressful because of mismanagement but thankfully I found a Property Management company that gives me a peace of mind that my properties are being well taken care. I get monthly reports to know how my properties are doing and the best part is the staff is AMAZING!! 

- Arsena K.- Hawaii


Office Hours 


9:00am- 4:30pm





Telephone: (636) 677-7368

Fax: (636) 660-1274

24 Hr. Maintenance Line (314) 329-7368


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